3Ply Disposable High Filtration Face Mask

3Ply Disposable High Filtration Face Mask

ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Elasticated ear loops provide versatile support, making the mask perfect

for both Men and Women.

LIGHTWEIGHT FIT. Made from light weight non-woven, polymer synthetic filter material. The

flexible nose piece allows the mask to fit the contours of any face and ear loops provide

support to keep the mask in place at all times.

SUFFICIENT EVERYDAY USE. Masks can be used to reduce the risk of inhaling airborne

particles. Once mask becomes dampened, remove immediately and dispose of it. Do not reuse.

Single use only.

50 PACK FACE MASKS. The face masks come in a sealed box of 50 pieces to ensure sanitary

and convenient protection from contamination.



• EN CERTIFIED - EN149:2001*


*Respirators that meet the requirements of EN149:2001 are designed to protect against

solids, water-based aerosols, and oil-based aerosols.